Holly Wannigman

Broker Associate


Hello, my name is Holly Wannigman. Although I was born right here in Rapid City, SD, I grew up in Winchester, Va. In 2014 I relocated to Denver, Co and after three years returned to the heart of the Black Hills. Throughout my adult years I have taken on many opportunities to help others and change lives. I am currently an ophthalmic surgical technician and also a certified canine behaviorist. I am very involved in the dog community.

I have recently begun pursuing a career path in real estate. I pride myself on my ability to take in even the most aggressive dogs because of my lack of fear and my confidence in my ability to rehabilitate them to success. That start to finish progress is rewarding in itself. My hope for real estate is to create a foundation for a new beginning in ones life to help their future to be successful in a way that works best for them. Being a strong independent woman, raising two beautiful young women, I want to show them how to take pride in what they do and that helping people matters.

I am honored to represent SD homeowners and future homeowners in the challenging waters of the home buying and selling process.

Holly Wannigman


1508 Mt. Rushmore Rd. Rapid City, South Dakota 57701