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"Hello my name is Jordan King. I was born in Poplar, MT and I am the oldest of three children. I was raised in a small town called Mission, South Dakota were I attended most of my schooling. While in school I enjoyed activities such as basketball, football, and track. I graduated in 2005, then did wild land firefighting for 2 years, then I relocated to Rapid City, SD in 2007.

In December 2007 I signed up for the marines and went to boot camp and completed 10 of the 13 week training before I was injured and unable to complete. Although I did not complete my boot camp, the training I received without a doubt directly aided me in all my endeavors going forward from that point. (Ex. Mental toughness, discipline, and completion of the mission)

Afterwards, I returned back to Rapid City where I was employed by Allied Van Lines as a laborer. I continued my employment with them for three years (2010), when I decided to get my CDL and become a driver for the company. I was an OTR/Local driver for the company for three more years until I was promoted to dispatcher in 2013. I have been the dispatcher for the company for five years and with the company as a whole for eleven years.

In 2016, I decided that I wanted to purchase my first home. I got pre-approved and was referred to Real Estate agent Gregg (Aussie) Stilton, who helped me purchase my first home. During the buying process I was very intrigued by the steps of the process and could possibly see myself doing the same. A few months have passed since the purchase of my home, I was contact by Gregg he asked me If I was serious about coming into a real estate profession.  I told Gregg I was very serious about it.

At this point, we had a goal to get me licensed as a real estate agent in South Dakota. After about six months of at home study, I passed my online 116 hr. mandatory study hours class. After that was completed I was ready to take the state certification tests. After a few tries, I was able to complete all three and was licensed in May 2018."

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